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Hazel Green country school

This photo is from Vern and Kay Erenberger and shows children in front of Hazel Green School.  The Erenbergers recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.  Kay said that this is the first time they met.  Kay is the small girl on the left in the front row and Vern is the boy in the suit at the far right of the second row.  We could use some help with the identities of the other children.  Be sure to click the photo to enlarge it!


Identities needed

These photos of children in Ely were donated to the ECHS recently. We hope someone will be able to help identify them.

Please click on a photo to enlarge it.  If you can identify someone, please open your email, address it to HistoricEly@yahoo.com.  Go back to your browser & copy the link; paste the link into the email and then identify the child you know and his/her position in the photo.  (For example:  Photo #1 -  Name Surname - 3rd from the left in the back).  Thank you for your help!

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Photo #1

Photo #2
From Don Elias, who formerly lived in Ely, but now lives in Minnesota:  I believe these photos are not of "school children;" they are actually photos of "church children."  The background of these 4 photos is the present brick building that was used as a school for many years but I think the photos are of the children who attended Sunday School in the school building during the time when the old wooden structure of St; John's Lutheran Church was being torn down and replaced by a brick building.  I think this occurred about 1950.

Photo #2 has 4 young men in front who are (left to right)
Carl Jensen who now lives in Texas and whose family lived with their grandpa Monroe Hemingway
John Tessman (I think) about who I have no current information
Carl Klinsky who was the son of Willie and Stella Klinsky and he passed away at a young age
Gene Erenberger who the son of Milo and Rosemary Erenberger
In back is Martha Krob Phillips and Roger Trpkosh whose family lived with their grandma Lizzie Clark and also died young

Photo #3

From Don Elias:
Photo #3 has in the front row (left to right)
Larry Trpkosh who was the grandson of Lizzie Clark and died young
Joan Tessman 
Karen Clark who was the daughter of Andy and Grace Clark
Rita Becicka who was the daughter of Leonard and Viola Becicka
Mike Albaugh who lived with Forest and Ann Fuhrmeister
The back row has:
Lavina Nederhiser (I think)
Nargi Rayman Steinbrech
Marilyn Jensen Cook
Elaine Jensen (I don't know her married name - she had a clothing store in Solon many years ago)
Norman Rayman (I think)

Photo #4

From Don Elias:  Photo #4 -  I cannot identify the adult or any of the children except that the boy in the front row on the left looks like a Trpkosh.

Photo #5

From Don Elias:  Photo #5 - The 3 girls in front are
Joan Tessman (I think)
Rita Becicka 
Karen Clark
The boys in back are
Larry Trpkosh
Marvin Stastny who was the son of Hubert and Margaret Stastny 
Page Worley (although I don't ever remember him with that much hair) who was the son of John and Katherine Worley and later the husband of Shirley Worley. 
Norman Rayman (I think)
Denny (or Bruce?) Erenberger
Mike Albaugh


More work at Facklers Grove Cemetery

The "Kershner" Area

The Kershner area as it appeared August 8, 2015 after considerable work had already been done.
Left , William J. Kershner; middle, Michael Kershner; and right, Rebekkah Kershner.
These stones were originally under ground and broken in several pieces.
Workers found the pieces by probing with rods and unearthed them.
They were later cleaned, pieced together as best possible and re-erected in the cemetery.

(Click the photos to enlarge them)

William J. Kershner

The support on the repaired Michael Kershner stone was removed.  

Rebekkah Kershner

The "Dennis" Area

Work continued on the Dennis burial area.  The Isaac and Mary A. Dennis grave stone was placed back on its base.  Two manufactured bases were set in the ground in preparation for returning other stones to their original placement, including the grave of Mary Ann Dennis' mother, Catherine Haynes. (Click photos to enlarge them.)

Arlen Nickolan (center), who has restored several pioneer cemeteries near
Riverside, Iowa, came to lend an experienced hand.  Jeff Ward on the left.

Readying the stone for placement back on the base.

The Isaac and Mary Anne Dennis stone is now on its base.
Jeff is setting a manufactured base in the ground.